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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to book a tour?

Please book a tour directly by using the Book Now button or fill out the form on the Contact Us page. A team member will promptly answer any questions, check availability, and confirm your booking via email.

How are reservations confirmed?

Reservations are confirmed via email. Your reservation is valid only after you receive a confirmation email from Sagebrush Tours.

Do we offer private tours?

Yes! Private tours are available for Nature and Wine Tours. They are ideal for special occasions, corporate events, groups, families or those who are looking for a more intimate and exclusive experience. We offer private tours to groups with a minimum of 4 guests. If your group is less than 4, you can still book a private tour provided you pay for a minimum of 4 seats.

What happens on a wine tour?

Our tours are offered to the beginner and experienced wine lover. Each tour is uniquely crafted to the guests, so, addressing your individual questions and satisfying your personal expectations is our goal. We promise to create a welcoming, understanding, and rewarding atmosphere no matter your experience level.

Are tasting fees included on the wine tours?

Yes, all our tour prices include tasting fees, venue fees, chilled bottled water, and sparkling water. The only expenses not included in our tour prices are your lunch, taxes, and gratuities.

What should I bring with me on a nature tour?

Please wear proper hiking apparel, good walking shoes (closed toed shoes or hiking boots recommended). You’ll also need 1-2 liters of water, UV protection: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and binoculars.

Can seniors and people with mobility issues take part in nature tours?

Yes! Our nature tours feature walks and hikes that are low impact and easy to moderate in difficulty. We spend a lot of time on our tours observing and actively connecting with nature, so there’s time to catch your breath, relax, and enjoy your surroundings!

Can small children take part in nature tours?

Yes! Our nature tours are ideal for children. Children have a thirst for exploring and reveling in nature. We facilitate their passion for the natural world and provide a safe and encouraging environment of discovery. Parents with young children unable to walk far must provide a child carrier.

What kind of wildlife will I see on the tour?

While we can’t promise anything (wildlife come and go as they please), but you can expect to see a diverse range of species on our tours. The Okanagan is, in fact, one of the most species-rich and biodiverse regions in Canada. Regular seasonal observations include Mountain Goat, California Bighorn Sheep, Trumpeter Swan, Peregrine Falcon, Yuma Bat, Osprey, Turkey Vulture, and more.

Can I bring my dog on a tour?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets on our tours out of respect for all our guests, due to liability reasons and government regulations. However, we can suggest a dog daycare as there are several great boarding kennels in the area. Thank you for understanding.

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