Vaseux Lake Discovery Tour

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8:30am - 2:30pm

Children welcome

Just over an hour south of Kelowna - Explore a truly fascinating natural area and special place in British Columbia and Canada.  Vaseux Lake has the highest species diversity in Canada!  We visit several unusual and rare habitats in the area including White Lake Grasslands Protected Area.  We access sites either by boardwalk, viewing tower, or trail.  This hike is rated as easy and not physically demanding.

Bighorn Sheep

Vaseux - Bighorn National Wildlife Area

We visit five of the ten red-listed plant communities.  Habitats unique because the valley is the northernmost extension of the Great Basin Desert, the only true desert in Canada.  These special habitats with transitional zones between them are biological hotspots.  Canada's rarest reptile lives here.  Find out what reptile on this hike.  There are 340 recorded species of birds in Canada.
205 bird species have been observed at Vaseux!  A Birder's Paradise.

Unusual and rare habitat that make the area special:

      • Shrub grassland parkland
      • Old growth Ponderosa Pine
      • Wide unfragmented riparian birch thickets
      • Undisturbed cliffs, incl talus and rock outcroppings
      • Shallow wetlands

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