Okanagan Mountain and Summerhill Winery Tour

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Tour length – 6 to 7 hrs
Recommended age: 8+
Children must be accompanied by an adult and capable of walking up to 6km.  Younger children allowed if proper child carrier backback used.

Incredibly scenic and wild with spectacular lake views Okanagan Mountain Park is at Kelowna’s backdoor. 

Along with a professional naturalist we will explore the first few kilometres of the trail near the lake.  Mountain goat, white-tailed deer, moose, lynx, marten and coyote live here.  Northern alligator lizard and Western skink could be found under rocks or bark and the Yellow-bellied racer in grasslands.

A special boxed lunch (price included $10-15) is at Summerhill Pyramid Winery with a premium wine tasting outside overlooking Okanagan Lake followed by an exclusive tour of Canada’s largest organic vineyard.  We then head off to Carmelis Boutique Cheese Dairy for a deluxe cheese tasting.  Then head back to Kelowna. 

A wonderful outing just minutes from downtown Kelowna.