Okanagan Mtn Guided Hike -Half Day


Okanagan Mtn Hike Details

Best months for this experience: May-early July, late August-October. Also good in the July and Aug, just plan to hit the beach after.
Ages: 8+
Hike nearby Okanagan Mountain, which is just minutes from downtown Kelowna.

Incredibly scenic and wild with spectacular lake views from the trail.

Lynx, Canada Lynx, Lynx portrait, close-up Lynx face showing ear tufts, Lynx on Okanagan Mtn Hike

Set out on a morning of discovery and exploration with a professional naturalist. The hike is rated easy but the rewards are spectacular lakeviews. Mountain goat, white-tailed deer, moose, lynx, marten and coyote live here. Northern alligator lizard and Western skink could be found under rocks or bark and the Yellow-bellied racer in grasslands. The forest is regenerating after a fire providing great habitat for various species of woodpecker, flowers and berry producing shrubs.

Okanagan Mtn Hike Summary

Tour departs Any day of the week
Departure time: 9:00am
Tour duration: 4 hours
Prerequisites: Proper hiking attire
Preferably closed toed running shoes or hiking boots
1 – 2 litres water

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